Over the last weekend I had the pleasure of hanging out on a Wisconsin farm for three days eating, drinking, having fantastic conversations and listening to Neil Young covers. I knew the owner of the farm, Rob Rule, and I met him while filming a horror/action/comedy film on his farm. All weekend I was introduced as a filmmaker and it got me thinking. I was a filmmaker, I have some ability at it, but I haven’t really thought of myself as one in a while. I think it’s time to change that. You will find two of the films I have directed over the last five years.


This first short is my best work to date. The second is my first film, it was shot on film with an Arri S and the power cord kept coming loose which I actually really liked because it added a kind of herky jerky motion to it. Perfect, no, but I liked it and as such I’m sharing it.


Kid stuff


My son has been producing videos using a bike helmet camera. They’re fun, I was really impressed with them , he put a bed of music underneath and made something cool. This may be a bit of parentral pride, but screw it, it’s my blog and I don’t have any new stories right now.

This one is my favorite and if you want to watch the other two check them out here.