I have noticed in the short time this blog has existed that people have a limited attention span, not your fault, I understand. I too am a product of MTV editing techniques and the emerging blogosphere, it’s got to be short or I won’t read it. However I feel like I should put the longer pieces up, so I’ve found a solution.
The Novels page! it is made for the longer texts. if you’ve got an afternoon handy or feel like watching the evolution of a story you can check out the new page. I’ll post when I make changes or throw new material up.
Check it out, currently I have a completed story called Georgia about hypnosis and a cuckholding fetish. I also posted the incomplete Snot; A Redneck Fantasia about a Pro Wrestler with acidic snot coursing through his sinuses and a Norwegian Black Metal band fueled by the powers of Satan.

As always, enjoy,

Neon Rabbit


One response to “Novels!

  1. Truthfully, the short attention span may have, at least, some to do with the medium one reads from. Speaking for myself, I have a much, much longer attention span for reading a piece on paper as opposed to reading the exact same piece on screen.

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