The Devil

Note: From time to time I write flash fiction, a short blurb that gives a complete story with a minimum of words. This story is one of those. It is short and to the point, submit your own flash fiction and I will be more than happy to put your flash fiction up on this happy little site. Seriously, I want more writers up on here, this isn’t just for me. One page or less, what is that, 1,000 words, yeah do that.

Time moved placidly. The wind buffeted the windows and set the insulating plastic rattling. He rubbed his hands, they were dry and raw from the cold. “Are you sure this is what you want?” He asked, knowing the answer.
“Yes.” The boy was focused on him, waiting for his moment, searching for weakness.
“You know what happens if you lose.” He looked the boy in the eye.
“Yes.” The boy flew at him, full of rage.
He almost hit him, almost. The man leaned back, just out of reach and came up from underneath, struck him in the abdomen, something popped, but he wasn’t finished, he spun behind the boy, grabbed him from underneath the jaw and dropped him to the ground. It was too fast for the boy to react, he scrambled, but not before the man’s boot heel fell on his face, caved in his palate. The fight lasted two, maybe three seconds and the boy was already wounded beyond healing. “You lost.” The boy was wheezing and gurgling beneath the pooling blood in his throat. The man held him by the chest, felt his strength leaving him, he pictured a mass exodus of butterflies ascending through the ceiling, the roof and out into the ether. “Don’t fuck with the Devil boy.” He grinned down at the boy and closed his eyes. The boy’s breathing shallowed, his pulse stopped and he died. The man inhaled deeply and stood up. “See you downstairs.” He said casually as he shut off the lights and left the room.


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