A Very Short Manifesto

I have a habit of indulging my flaws and allowing old habits to take root.  My habits, my peccadillos burden me with a lack of focus.  I’ve been writing, drawing, painting, acting and filmmaking for as long as I can remember, but none of these skills have produced much in the quantitative sense, I float from thought to thought dropping projects, letting go of ideas because I can’t quite remember what was so exciting about it when I started.  So it is with all that in mind that I decided to start a blog. 

I am a Luddite, I have always rejected new technologies, scoffed at these tools of social media, but time and time again I have seen people as smart as me, as unfocused as me start careers in these creative fields.  I’ve known about Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, etc. forever, but I always thought I was somehow better than that.  Like somehow I could just lift that veil and show my talent with one well placed submission, one agent that saw the diamond in the rough.  None of that ever happened, I remained obscure and then I would flit across to another obsession and loose track of where I was. 

The problem is a lack of commitment, I have a lot of interests, but everybody does, but everybody also knows it is important to choose a major.  I’m not unique, I’ve got some talent, but I have an opportunity to utilize tools that would have put a creative career completely out of reach due to simple economic class twenty years ago.  I live in an unprecedented moment where nearly all human information is at my fingertips, where you can build a worldwide audience from your simple efficiency apartment.  

So three days ago I embraced this new paradigm, and made a commitment.  I am a writer.  I also paint, draw, do martial arts, know my way around a film set and have fantastic customer service skills and I will always have those things.  Today I am a writer and I am making a commitment to that field.  Today I’m picking a major, it took me twenty five years, but now I’m here.  I’ll be tweeting and blogging and writing and self promoting the Hell out of my writing.

I hope anyone reading this has enjoyed the stories so far, strange tenses, sudden shifts in time, bad punctuation, typos and all.  Keep reading, I’ll keep writing and this post was something I just needed to get off my chest.     


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